Welcome to Pollen website

Pollen is web based poll/vote application. It is aimed to small entities that want to have a way to manage votes without giving their data to someone.

No need of user account...

  • Pollen features textual, date or image vote.

  • You can use different vote counting methods such as Condorcet

  • You can vote anonymously.

  • You can change your votes (even anonymous ones).

  • You can receive notification and/or reminder emails.

  • You can add some comments on a poll.

  • You can restrict a poll to one or several lists of persons (for example, one by company or department).

But an account offers others features...

  • You can found all polls you've created and participated.

  • You can import voters lists from CSV files or LDAP.

  • You can import/export votes/polls.

Use Pollen

How to use Pollen?

But also...

  • You can install Pollen on your own server to keep the control on your data (confidential vote for example).

  • Pollen is Libre so you can modify it, improve it, adapt it to your needs.

  • You can report bugs, features request and follow the project on our forge

Pollen screenshot